Heardle 70s: A website to test your Song knowledge 

Heardle 70s is comparable to an online game where users must guess the name of a song after hearing the opening melody of six early 1970s songs. The entire song may be heard if your estimate about the song is accurate. They will divulge the solution if you are unable to guess the name of the song.

You may compete with other participants in Heardle 70s to guess the song names. Let’s talk in-depth about this guessing game in this post, which will be great for entertaining individuals of all ages, but especially for seniors.

What Is Heardle 70s?

A fun online music game that transports you to the swinging 1970s is called Heardle 70s. It’s more than just a game, more like a musical time machine where you may communicate with other music enthusiasts and explore different musical genres. Heardle 70s offers an enormous collection of more than 250 songs from that incredible decade, whether of your taste in punk, funk, soul, disco, or classic rock.

Heardle 70s makes things simple yet really entertaining. A wide range of 1970s music genres are encountered by players, such as disco, punk, funk, soul, and classic rock. The challenge is figuring out who sang it or what song it is before the timer runs off. It caters to a wide range of musical preferences with more than 250 tracks.

Heardle 70s is more than simply a game; it’s an invaluable tool for anybody interested in learning more about music from the era. It encourages a greater appreciation for the tunes that characterized that era by asking players to focus on the subtleties of each song’s beginning. The gaming experience is both pleasurable and educational since it combines pleasure and education.

How to Access the Game Heardle 70s

Follow the given below step to access the Heardle 70s

  • Open your most favorable browser on your device
  • Then enter the Heardle 70s or Click on the URL: https://70s.heardledecades.com/ 
  • Once you click on the link you well be redirect to the official Heardle 70s website
  • Now enjoy playing the Heardle 70s games and With just a few clicks, you can test your knowledge of music from this historic era.

How To Play Heardle 70s

To hear a sample of the tune when you first lift off the Heardle 70s, you have to hit play. You are free to listen to the music at any number of intervals. You have to agree on the song’s artist or identify after hearing the rhyme at the beginning of the song.

  • After the beginning, check out the sensible 70s tune in the index.
  • Missed or failed attempts provide further context for the opening
  • Provide the fewest possible test answers in your response, along with your score.
  • Press to play the song and adjust the volume.
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Rules of Heardle 70s games

Press the play button to listen to a sample of the music while using the Heardle 70s for the first time. The music is yours to hear as frequently as you’d like. After hearing the first section of the song, you must identify the artist or piece of music.

  • Each song will only have six guesses.
  • Each song will only receive one try.
  • There is a 16-second time restriction for each guess.
  • Listen to the introduction, then pick a decent song from the index from the 1970s.
  • More of the prelude becomes visible when attempts are made incorrectly or incompletely.
  • Respond promptly and tell others about your experience.
  • To start the music, turn on the faucet and increase the volume.

The Heardle 70s Contest authorizes the results to be shared on social media, where the attempts are vividly shown without disclosing the nature of the arrangement. This encourages people to share their thoughts, their conspiracies, and their disagreements about who used the term first. 

Advantages of Playing Melody Tournaments like Heardle 70s

Not only are Heardle 70s and other music-based competitions a fun way to kill time, but studies also show that they can improve our physical and emotional health, especially as we age.

  • brings down anxiety hormones

According to a recent study, nostalgic songs might still have a very positive effect. It suggests that when people listen to music, their bodies release less cortisol, a hormone linked to worry. This precise analysis cited the previous study that found melody to have a marginally significant effect on cortisol levels. 

  • Boosts Mental Vitality

Japanese scientists have shown that dancing to music boosts believing in just three minutes. The same brain is activated while listening to music with a rhythmic trough, which enhances planning, alertness, problem-solving skills, and working memory—all of which are necessary for multitasking.

  • Boosts Retention
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Short bursts of “good” anxiety, like as those experienced during a joy smartphone tournament, stimulate brain areas that improve mental memory, according to a new University of Georgia investigation. Playing tournaments may have mental benefits because of the way they commit our memories and focus.

  • Enhances Auditory Perception

Feel free to join in when you guess the right music. Women who participated in weekly singing sessions improved their ability to hear the discussion by as much as 20% over the course of ten weeks. According to Canadian scientists, singing trains your brain to search for musical notes, which improves your ability to hear voices.

What helped Heardle’s 1970s become so well-known around the world?

Heardle’s 70s swiftly outperformed its designers and gained popularity in the music industry. The game’s fascinating difficulties drew in players of all ages who were eager to test their knowledge of 1970s music. 

Through the sharing of their victories and lessons learnt from their errors, players on social media and online forums created a lively community that celebrated their experiences.

The game’s capacity to strike a chord with a broad audience allowed for its quick ascent to fame. It was appealing to younger people who were anxious to discover its musical heritage as well as to those who had lived through the 1970s. People were pulled together by their common experience, which fostered a feeling of community among individuals who appreciated the beauty of 1970s music. 

Tips And Tricks

To help you figure out the heardle solution on your own, here are a few hints:

  • Hearing the music over extended periods of time is the first step.
  • Create as many hints as you can in the five remaining attempts to complete the challenge.
  • Every Heardle melody wordle tournament has a random selection of the top-streamed tracks from the preceding ten years.


Heardle 70s is the place to go if you’re looking for a new competition or prefer attending to spelling bees. Although the statutes are easily memorized in a matter of minutes, the actual competition might present unexpected challenges. The benefits of music and playability present a compelling argument for playing.

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