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Our tyrant became young – Spoiler

Are you a webtoon fan ? Do you also eagerly wait for the new episodes of your favorite series? Webtoons and online comic books are the new favorite entertainment source for the teenagers and the young generation. This concept started in Asian countries such as China, Korea and Japan and now has followers of webtoons all around the world. In the past few years the popularity of webtoons has increased drastically. One such webtoon which has a huge fan base is Our tyrant became young.

What is Our Tyrant became young:

It is a korean webtoon series which tells the story of Yi Yon who is a dictatorial ruler and was cursed by a witch to become young. As a child, he was always feared by people and he felt helpless and exposed. He didn’t know how to handle himself. One day he meets a girl named Bora. She helped him and took care of him so that he could survive in the strange world.

Slowly over time Yi learns compassion, generosity and love. He started getting comfortable in his new existence. His viewpoint for the world changed drastically and he started learning how he can use his influence and power to do good for the people around. While all this was happening Bora always stayed beside him and became his closest confidante and companion. She supported him in all the difficulties which he used to face after becoming a child.

Our Tyrant Became Young Spoiler

Spoiler of the Webtoon:

We very often get angry with our friends for telling us the spoilers of our favorite series or movies, but the very next minute we look for sources before watching the series to read about the spoilers. Though spoilers are a revelation about the storyline, reading some of them also awakens the reader’s interests. Let’s see some of the spoilers of this series, but don’t worry we are not going to reveal everything for you.

  • In the climax of the series, the protagonist Yi Yon regains his youth and he discovers the purpose of life from a whole new point of view.
  • He decides to become a hero and ultimately succeeds as well.
  • The protagonist is also shown having a sense of accomplishment as he saves his allies and gets rid of all the evil forces.
  • Yi Yon also gains knowledge about how he can use his influence to do good for the world.

Popularity of Our Tyrant become young:

The show gained huge popularity for its brilliant character depiction, the idea behind the personal development of the protagonist and showcasing leadership qualities. The audience connected with the series really well because the series gives a positive outlook on life and how the skills shown in the series are very significant in real life. Personal development, leadership, empathy and compassion are very integral parts of our life and to live a positive and successful life these qualities are really important.

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The webcomic also explores political machinations, struggles for dominance, and how leadership affects the general public, making it relevant to the issues of today’s society.

Emotions showcased in the webtoon:

Atonement, growth, and the need to move past mistakes are all themes that “Our Tyrant Became Young” addresses. The story revolves around Yi Yon’s transformation from a ruthless autocrat to a compassionate and kind leader. The webcomic also deals with interpersonal relationships, as seen in Yi Yon’s bond with Bora and his interactions with other characters that have opposing beliefs to his.

What excites the audience in the webtoon:

The characters in the webtoon are not similar to each other and very distinctive qualities of the characters have been shown. The track being changed also grabs the audience’s attention. When they see a dictatorial ruler changing into a child full of compassion and empathy, the readers start following more for the series.

The webtoon also shows a very colorful and fascinating universe which is full of magic and authority. Colorful and magical things are something which excites the readers a lot. The author of the series has shown different kingdoms and all the kingdoms are different from each other. As the culture and political structure of the kingdoms is different, the users really enjoy seeing the rich culture of kingdoms and they like developing a sense of comparison between the kingdoms.

Spoilers on social media:

If you are looking for spoilers of any series, social media like reddit, twitter and tumblr can also serve to be of great help. Users often post stories and other details of the show once they are done watching. So you can find a lot of spoilers on such social networking sites as well.

Did the series have positive reviews:

However for most of the series we read or watch, there is always a difference of opinions among readers and that’s pretty much normal as well because we can’t expect people to have same viewpoint on one thing, but if we talk about our tyrant became young then most of the reviews for the series has been quite positive. Let’s have a look at some of the reviews:

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Our Tyrant Became Young” absolutely exceeded my expectations, despite the fact that I was afraid to read a webtoon about a ruthless emperor who was transformed into a child. The story contains a wonderful message about forgiveness and second chances, and it is also funny and heartwarming. Because of how well-developed the characters are, I cheered on Yi Yon’s development throughout the entire series. Very suggested!”

Another reader quoted said “I accidentally came across ‘Our Tyrant Became Young,’ but I’m so glad I did. The story is moving and heartwarming, and the artwork is stunning. I found it admirable how quickly and interestingly the series handles weighty subjects like authority, accountability, and forgiveness. Anyone looking for a deep and entertaining story should read it.

Where can we watch the series:

We know that by now you must be pretty excited to read the webtoon. Don’t worry we have got things sorted for you. Though it is available on variety of online platforms, we are listing down some of them for you:

  • You can read it on LINE Webtoon, Lezhin Comics and TappyToon. You can register your account on any of these platforms and enjoy the series.
  • After making the account, you can search with the name in the search bar. Also don’t forget to search it with different names, because different sites have different names sometimes.
  • If you want to engage with the other people reading the webtoon you can drop in comments and express your opinions as well.

So what are you waiting for, don’t waste your time sharing the spoilers with your friends, login on any of the above mentioned sites and get ready with your popcorn to binge watch this series which is surely going to become your favorite soon.


Q. Did the protagonist go back to his youth again ?

Yes, the protagonist gets his life as a youth back.

Q. What are the main qualities shown in the webtoon?

Empathy, Compassion, Leadership are the qualities highlighted in the series.

Q. Who was Yi Yon’s most trustworthy supporter?

Bora supported Yi Yon with too much dedication and love.

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